959MH Tracked Harvester on a white background



Intuitive and accurate, IBC refines boom operations for enhanced precision and efficiency. IBC makes it easier to control all boom movements, giving users an enhanced level of control — over their logging operation and their bottom line.



Tracked Harvesters

Wheeled Harvesters

H424 harvester head with graphical overlay

Operator Advantages

  • More productive
  • Short learning curve
  • Enjoyable to operate
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduced structural fatigue
  • The operator can focus on controlling the head or grapple rather than the boom joint movements
  • Attract and retain operators. IBC is so productive and easy to use, operators in the forest want to run IBC-equipped machines.


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Raising the bar in the woods

Available on forwarders, wheeled harvesters, and tracked harvesters, Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) delivers a variety of benefits to your logging operation.

Enhanced Precision

Provides smooth, precise control of attachment positioning.

Increased Reliability

Delivers more consistent swing/boom movements.

Simplified Operations

Enhances the experience for seasoned loggers and reduces the learning curve for new ones.

Tracked Feller Buncher on a white background



High-capacity controllers, simplified CAN bus network, and a streamlined electrical system help provide precise boom control with minimal malfunctions and fast troubleshooting.


Tracked Feller Bunchers

Tracked Harvesters

Tracked harvester with holographic boom arm holding a log

Operator Advantages

  • Reduced signal delay at the start and end of each operator command
  • Improved joystick and foot-pedal response
  • Less wear and tear on the machine
  • More productive
  • Smoother experience for the operator


Quick Release

All four arms open simultaneously for a quick bunch release with the press of a single button.

Auto Arm Sequencing

Grab arms and accumulator arms automatically sequence to gather cut trees with the press of a single joystick button.

Auto Head Level

Automatically maintains the head's cutting position throughout the boom-reach cycle.