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Internships & Part-Time Students

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John Deere's internship program allows you to apply the skills and knowledge you're developing at school while contributing to exciting, real-world projects. We regard every intern as a potential full-time employee with strategic importance to our business. We'll provide hands-on experience that's designed to fit your career objectives, that complements your academic work and enhances your learning.

Factory Manager presentation during the annual intern conference

Annual Intern Conference

All interns are invited to participate in the two-day Summer Intern Conference held in Moline, Illinois. This conference is designed specifically for interns to promote networking with other students, learn more about their functional areas, and to gain knowledge about John Deere as a whole.

View the video message from John Deere's CEO, Sam Allen, here

Summer Internship Program at John Deere

Our internship program is your chance to share insights, gain valuable experience, and even find your true passion in life.

Internship Benefits

You can join us as an intern at various points during your undergraduate or graduate studies. The majority of our internships occur during the summer months and last 13 weeks. Extended internship sessions during the academic year are also available in engineering. You could have the opportunity to work more than one session with us.

Interns receive competitive compensation and are eligible for many of the benefits offered to full-time employees. Benefits include: 

  • Health Insurance, Dental, 401K
  • Subsidized Housing
    • Payroll Deduction
    • Apartment or University Housing (fully furnished)
  • Travel Expense Reimbursement
  • Student Resources
  • Student Website – General Information
    • First Day/First Week Procedures
    • Time Reporting/Expense Reporting
    • Community Information
  • Student Newsletter
  • Year of Service Credit (if 500 hours worked)
  • Networking opportunities, Mentors and New Employee Advisors
  • Employee Resource Groups
  • Intern Conference

Intern Testimonials

Geoffrey's Professional Headshot

Geoffrey, Quality Engineering Intern

"Choosing to do my internship with John Deere gave me the opportunity to expand my horizon from what I already knew. I have spent my entire life on the east coast and I believed it was time to try something new and get out my comfort zone. The opportunity to gain immense hands-on experience, live in the Midwest for the first time, and build my professional network was a chance I just couldn't turn down."

Andrea driving a combine

Andrea, Human Resources Intern

"The best part of working for John Deere is all of the challenging and beneficial work assignments that you get to do. They give you real work that makes an actual difference in the company. The fact that you are given the opportunity to use your own creativity in that work and that they trust you to do so is amazing. My favorite part of my internship, aside from all of the amazing projects and people, is all of the traveling I have gotten to do. Doing this has allowed me to tour many of the amazing factories within Deere and learn about our customers and many products that we produce. It makes me very proud to see what Deere is doing as a company for their customers, and I am proud to have the opportunity to have a small part in it."

Meghan's professional headshot

Meghan, Mechanical Engineering Intern

"If I had to pick, my favorite part of my internship at John Deere would have to be the people. Every single engineer and operator I have talked to or worked with has been so genuine and helpful. Everyone seems to love their job and is passionate about what they do on a day to day basis. Whenever you need help, someone is always willing to work with you directly and in detail, which has been extremely helpful to learn and develop during my time here. Each employee genuinely wants to see you succeed."

Part-Time Students

Female employee standing proudly with a John Deere tractorA few of our locations offer flexible, part-time opportunities that let you schedule your work around your classes. These roles are available in a variety of disciplines in across varied operating units. You'll gain experience in a large, fast-paced business environment, while still maintaining your full-time school commitments.

You can work with us throughout your education, with the option for full-time hours during the summer. Typically, you would enter the program during your sophomore year and work until your graduation. You must be attending a college or university as a full-time student and that school must be within commuting distance of a John Deere work location to be eligible for the Part-Time Student program.

Part-time employees receive competitive compensation and are eligible for many benefits, including tuition assistance.