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JDLink lets you track your equipment, view which machines are working, and if they are working properly and to their utmost productivity and efficiency. To learn more about how your business could benefit from JDLink, download the Forestry Technology brochure and visit your nearest dealer.


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Why You Need JDLink

- Put the right machine on the job
- Ensure proper operation

- Enable Remote Diagnostics and Programming
- Easily track maintenance
- Quickly act on alerts

- Prevent theft
- Track overall fuel consumption and idle time
- Track time and fuel spent on jobsite


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Dual-Mode Option

If you work in extremely remote locations with spotty cell coverage, opt for the JDLink satellite module. JDLink will transmit via cellular coverage unless a connection can't be established - then JDLink switches to satellite mode to transmit information. 

A machine communicating via satellite will report hours, location, alerts, and many other Ultimate data sets. Call-in frequency for a machine communicating in satellite mode is once per day. Red alerts and geofence violations are sent immediately at any time, just like when in cellular coverage. Available for JDLink Ultimate only. 


Additional Features

- Five years standard with new machine purchase
- Updated JDLink website
- Geofence
- Machine grouping
- Alert escalation logic
- Dealer data services/third-party access

- Distance traveled
- Engine hours
- Maintenance tracking
- JDLink mobile app
- Equipment utilization and engine load levels
- Fuel consumption

- Operator-productivity indicators
- Tire pressure monitoring
- Diagnostic trouble code alerts
- Remote diagnostics and programming capability
- Dual mode satellite option
- On-demand updates
- Curfew

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Enabled through the JDLink connection, John Deere Connected Support leverages a suite of dealer and factory tools designed to deliver increased productivity and uptime, and lower daily operating costs. It's one of the most powerful reasons to run John Deere.


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When You Connect Your Machine You Can...

  • Monitor alerts from your machine remotely.
  • Monitor engine hours and utilization. 
  • View machine location and get driving directions to the site.
  • Monitor fuel level and idle time.
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What if your dealer could warn you of problems with your machine and initiate solutions without visiting the jobsite and charging you for a technician's travel time? That's what you get with John Deere Connected Support's Remote Diagnostics and Programming Capability. 


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Optimize Your Uptime

Remote Diagnostics and Programming is a key component to better uptime, allowing your dealer to:

  • Remotely read and clear diagnostic codes. 
  • Remotely record machine performance data. 
  • Remotely update machine software.
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As part of the uptime-maximizing benefits of John Deere Connected Support, we deliver improved machine health through an advanced dual approach that combines the expertise of the technology specialists at your John Deere dealership and the data specialists at our central Machine Health Monitoring Center. 

John Deere dealerships are building and refining their Machine Monitoring Network staffed by trained specialists. Using advanced telematics and alert management tools, these specialists remotely track the health of machines in the field, enabling them to respond more efficiently to critical issues.

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Centrally Backed

Data from thousands of connected machines flows through John Deere's central Machine Health Monitoring Center, allowing our specialists to identify trends and develop new and improved preventative maintenance and repair protocols. Work here also drives improvements in new product design and updates to current products that benefit all John Deere customers.

So while your dealer focuses on addressing issues that may immediately impact you, the Machine Health Monitoring Center keeps an eye on the big picture.

Data. Analytics. Improvement. Repeat.

Support Options

Option One: Complete Monitoring

Hand over all machine monitoring responsibilities to your John Deere dealer, leaving you to focus on the rest of your business.

Option Two: Shared Monitoring

Let your John Deere dealer specialists monitor your fleet in conjunction with your own maintenance team.