If you're looking for a quieter ride with zero emissions, then the Z370R Electric is the option for you. Our first-ever residential electric zero-turn mower is almost here, so don't miss out!

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Here's what they're saying about our upcoming electric turf equipment.

A woman with dark brown hair and a dark green shirt and jeans on rides a green and yellow John Deere Z370R Electric lawn mower with safety glasses on.

“The best part about this mower is how quiet it is.”

-Jordan Hubbard
on test driving the Z370R Electric.

Herman Upshaw working on his land with a John Deere 1025R Compact Utility Tractor

"You'll be able to enjoy your environment while you're actually still doing your work."

-Herman Upshaw
on the idea of working with electric equipment.

Tucker Nelson tending to his horses

"That could be a real game-changer for utility work around the ranch, for the everyday chores that we do."

-Tucker Nelson
on how electric equipment could help out on his land.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where will John Deere produce battery-powered turf equipment?

We are still making plans for where and when we will begin producing Lithium Ion battery-powered turf equipment. TE Gators which are for sale today and powered by lead-acid batteries, are produced in Horicon, Wisconsin.

Why start with these 4 battery-powered turf concept machines?

We committed to offer an electric option in each Turf and Compact Utility Tractor product family by 2026. We are excited to share that our engineers already have a concept machine in each family.

Are these concept machines exactly what John Deere plans to sell by 2026?

No. Our concept machines were built to test our designs and collect customer feedback. Depending on customer feedback, our final designs could be a little or a whole lot different.

Will there be more concept machines?

Yes. Battery and charging technologies are quickly evolving and we will continue to challenge ourselves to push the limits of what this technology can do in residential and commercial mowers, utility vehicles, and compact utility tractors.

Will John Deere be selling any Lithium Ion battery-powered turf equipment before 2026? If so, what? When?

Yes. More details will be coming soon. Sign up to be the first to know our plans.

Will John Deere sell battery-powered turf equipment through John Deere dealers?

Yes. Our TE Gators are for sale online and at your local John Deere dealer.

A middle aged man with a brown beard wearing a navy shirt and jeans rides on a green and yellow John Deere electric Gator™ TE 4x2 through a tunnel.

We've been putting electric to work for years.

The electric Gator™ TE 4x2 was the first of its kind when it launched. It gets the job done with zero emissions and an impressive 600-lb towing capacity. And now that it's paved the way, we're laying the groundwork for new electric John Deere equipment.

Yellow light path moving past a construction worker on a building site.

Our Next Leap is Electric

This is bigger than launching a new line of products. It's a commitment to unlock more innovation and value for everyone who wants to get behind the wheel.