Scraper Systems

image of tractor pulling a scraper in a field

Scraper Special Tractors

Our largest Scraper Special tractors ever deliver more power to handle our larger-capacity ejector scrapers and our efficient, economical carry-all scrapers. Available in rubber-tire and track configurations, all 10 of our Scraper Special tractors feature spacious and quiet cabs, heavy-duty frames and 18-speed PowerShift™ transmissions. Move more material with faster cycle times and you’ll find these earthmoving machines a great investment if you make your living moving dirt.

close up image of dual scraper system in field


Our fully integrated tractor-scraper systems move more dirt than self-propelled scrapers or competitive tractors and scrapers, at one-third the initial investment and half the labor. Exclusive AutoLoad automates scraper functions, making it push-button easy for even first-time operators to load like pros. Even inexperienced operators will deliver consistently full loads with fewer passes using automatic blade raise/lower. And now D C and D E scraper pans are backed for 12 months regardless of hours.

Be on Top of it All

Bid, plan, and bill jobs more accurately with John Deere's Earthmoving Productivity System. It measures the volume of material in the scraper pan in real time, preventing spillage and increasing efficiency.

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John Deere Scraper Systems Infographic

Learn more about John Deere Scraper Systems in an easy-to-read infographic.